Federal election 2019

This Federal election Carers Australia is asking politicians to make unpaid carers a priority.

Carers Australia values the widespread political and community recognition of the value of unpaid family and friend carers, both to society and the economy. Even with this recognition, carers are often unable to get the services and support they need.

The specific commitments Carers Australia is seeking from political parties and others standing for election are:

• Reverse the decline in funding for direct support services available to carers
• Redress the decline in access to respite care within the aged care sector
• End lengthy waiting periods for access to aged care Home Care Packages and ensure that supply meets assessed need
• Improve delivery of the NDIS
• Improve opportunities for carers to take up employment
• Support research to identify and address the problem of extensive and persistent sleep deprivation among carers.


Federal Budget 2019

The federal budget includes an additional $84.3 million to support family and friend carers as the nationally-funded carer support sector transitions to a new Integrated Carer Support Service (ICSS) delivery model.

One of the supports offered to carers under the ICSS is access to a capped number of financial support packages of up to $3,000 which will provide some assistance with the costs of seeking employment, participating in education, of taking a short break from daily caring and transport costs. Up to 5,000 packages a year will be made available and 25 per cent of those will be reserved for young carers under 25 years of age.

Carers Australia has been concerned that the funding allocated to the ICSS model will be insufficient to meet the demand for services, so it is encouraging that this new funding has been committed in addition to the funding levels previously announced.


Federal Budget – what it means for carers

Carers Australia has prepared an overview of the key 2019-20 Federal Budget measures that may affect carers.

The federal Budget, which was delivered earlier this month, contains measures across carer services, aged care, health and – to a much lesser extent – income support, which will assist some carers and people with care needs.


Become a Peer Partner

Carers Australia is calling on carers who have experience with the NDIS to join our new Peer Support Network.

The Peer Support Network is a free and anonymous online platform that puts carers in touch with a fellow carer who already has experience navigating the NDIS on behalf of the person they care for. Carers will be able to discuss their lived experiences with the NDIS either by telephone, Skype video or Skype messenger.

If you have experience in helping the person you care for navigate the NDIS, you could help carers new to the Scheme by becoming a Peer Partner and sharing your knowledge, support and stories. Head to the Peer Support Network to become a Peer Partner today!


Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters is back for 2019!

Young carers under the age of 25 who share their caring story on the Young Carers Network Story Wall will have the chance to receive two movie tickets.

To help young carers share their stories, we’ve developed an online Story Builder - a simple form that asks key questions and then generates a story based on the responses provided.

Closes 5 May, terms and conditions apply.


Sleep health study

Carers Australia has partnered with the Sleep Health Foundation to conduct research into the many issues which stem from sleep deprivation and its impact on family and friend carers.  

“Nearly half of all primary carers have reported interrupted sleep, which was identified as having the single biggest negative impact on the wellbeing of carers,” said Ara Cresswell, CEO of Carers Australia.

“We’re delighted that there is increasing recognition of sleep being equally important to overall health as nutrition and fitness and we welcome this spotlight on what is an area of increasing concern.”


National Advance Care Planning Week

Carers Australia was delighted to take part in National Advance Care Planning Week earlier this month. CEO of Carers Australia, Ara Cresswell, joined a number of other campaign ambassadors to encourage people to create a roadmap for future care. 

Advance Care Planning Australia encourages all Australians to speak up about their future care and tell loved ones what living well means to them. An important part of healthy ageing is making informed choices about your medical care and planning for future events.